La belle ville de Genève…

This peaceful lakeside heaven is home away from home for me. As I get back to routine life post my surgery, I browse through some pics that gladden my heart and bring out the smiles. 

The magic of the Jet d’Eau, the history behind the Reformation Wall in the middle of the Parc des Bastions (you shall come across the greats of the Reformation; Jean Calvin, Guillaume Farel, Théodore de Beze and John Knox in the form of giant statues), the charming Old Town – the narrow streets each hiding medieval treasures, the panoramic view from the top of the tower (St. Peter’s Cathedral) well worth the 157 steps. 

My top 5 must-do on a leisurely day in Geneva

  1. A self-walking tour of the Old Town – Discover Geneva’s charming old town with its cobbled stone streets, old churches, historical buildings, galleries, museums, charming cafes; a wonderful mix.
  2. Stroll along the the Promenade de la Treille and take in the beautiful views of the Mont Salève, the Parc des Bastions and the University campus. 
  3. Hop on to one of the many shuttle boats and navigate across Lake Geneva and enjoy the charming views of the city. 
  4. Climb the 157 steps to the top of Saint-Pierre Cathedral’s towers. A wonderful view, above the roof of the buildings of the old town and of the lake, awaits you. 
  5. We are already familiar with the famous brands of Swiss chocolates; Lindt, Cailler, Villars. Why not take a tour and discover the city through its local flavours? Walk along the old town and discover the city’s best artisanal chocolatiers. May be, not world famous but truly Divine!

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