Walking the tour and chalking the memories…

We love to walk and taking a self-guided walking tour is a must for us. Every city and town is explored on foot, at least, once. Discovering the beautiful sights and sounds at our own pace, visiting only the attractions we actually want to see, sauntering along care-free has its own charm.  

The images are our time in Nuremberg, Bavaria. A beautiful warm day spent exploring the walled old town, the imperial Kaiserburg castle, the St. Sebaldus Church, the medieval marvel – Schoner Brunnen and other historical landmarks. 

This self-walking tour took us about 3 hours to complete. Our intent was to enjoy the sights in a leisurely fashion, not an in-depth study of the museums and castles. It was a stroll with stops at places that earned our attention and interest. Rounded it up with fabulous food and chatter with local folks. 

For those who are otherwise interested, there are ticket counters at the respective museums and castles with guided tours of the same. 

Traveller’s tip – Stay hydrated and wear weather-appropriate comfortable clothes and shoes. Visit the Tourist Office to gather information and to get hold of the City Map. It allows you a quick scanning of all that is available to see and do and secondly, what you would like to do from amongst those. 

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