Why a Travel Blog?

Hello folks! I am Sudarsana, most also know me as Milti. I quit my job as a Senior Technical Writer to take care of my new-born baby, 11 years ago. Today, I find myself in a place where I can resume work and give equal emphasis to a professional career. With the intent of getting back to work, I also wanted to involve myself doing something that I could enjoy and appreciate. A traveller at heart, travelling and organising trips, both domestic and international, has been the other focus / passion in my life. So, I decided to combine my love for travel and my education and writing background to create my personal travel blog in which, I share our travel stories and experiences and, offer helpful suggestions and tips that have helped me often times.

Thus, ‘golliwogmusings‘ at http://www.the-travel-story-weaver.com came to life. I aspire to keep this blog alive with stories, experiences and travel take-aways and, I desire to grow in this field and look for opportunities that could further fuel my love for travel and, at the same time, allow me to create a niche for myself.

I am still, foremost, a mother who can be both a joy (hopefully) and a terror (for sure) to be around. When not occupied with our individual tasks, my 11 years old daughter and I are constant companions. A gifted but reluctant writer herself, she motivates me to write and hopes that the focus shifts from her.

The traveller in me is my true self. Love of the outdoors and the desire to taste adventure and enjoy the benefits of travel inspire me to venture out and explore the world.

Not from a travel-loving family, I found a mutual travel enthusiast when I got married. Roop, my husband loves travel photography and whiskey, not necessarily in that order.

Drisana, our daughter has been exposed to travelling since she was 5 months old. A delight to us, she never fails to express her strong opinions and ideas and keeps her parents grounded in reality.

They are my travel buddies and together we ensure that we make the most of our vacations.

Us – Roop, Drisana and Sudarsana

Love for travel…. the beginnings!

How did it all start? I do not come from a family who did much travelling. A visit to maternal / paternal grandparents who stayed a few hours away or various short trips to Shillong is all I can remember from my childhood, travelling with family. Actual travel started when I joined sports and began representing my state in Table Tennis, on a national level. It took me to various nooks and corners of my motherland, towns and cities unheard of in the tourism circuit, in the 80s – 90s. Between 1987 and 1998, I travelled extensively to metropolitan cities like Delhi, Bombay, Calcutta, to smaller towns like Bokaro, Dhanbad, Imphal, Palampur and to lesser known towns like Mankapur, Kolhapur, Tura and so on. 

These travels were mostly by train, in those days, long distances covered in longer days and nights. A trip to Bombay would take upto 3 nights and from there on, to some place like Surat, another day. Exhaustive and tiring yet, these journeys fascinated me. I loved those long journeys; even in the midst of chaos, it opened up a world that I wished to explore. I rarely got the opportunity to experience the beautiful local sights and sounds or taste the different local cuisines that our country has to offer. They remained checks marked on my fingers. 

Later, during college, other priorities took over and travel for pleasure stayed a dream. Journeys became a means of getting from point A to point B and, were mostly spent sleeping on the upper bunk with strict instructions on not to be awakened, to the Rajdhani railway caterer.  

It was only after I got married and found another travel lover in my hubby that, this beautiful world took precedence and each trip, we planned with great delight and zeal. Every long weekend took us to hidden gems nestled within easy reach, mostly by road and sometimes, train travel. Budget was a constraint but it did not deter us from having a good time. I think, those early days of travel prepared us well in planning our now extensive travel itineraries. Two incomes definitely helped and we used every saved penny smartly. The check marks grew and this carefree life continued uninterrupted for 5 years.

Our bundle of joy, our daughter arrived bringing with her new set of goals and desires. But, within the first 6 months we realised that travel had become our ‘middle’ name. Our daughter, Drisana joined in from the age of 5 months. Her constant unintelligible chatter, short naps and annoyed complaints kept us company. There was a time we travelled with a 2kg gas cylinder and burner so that our little one could get her timely meals. Many a times, we rushed back to our accommodation halfway through our sight-seeings. Sleepless nights spent comforting a colicky child post a long day of exploring a quaint town like Conoor or keeping up with an energetic 1.5 year old in a 2nd class railway compartment on our way to Mt. Abu. Exhaustion and annoyance that led to squabbling between the two adults, distress that erupted into hilarious laughter. Every moment, every journey and every place have enriched our lives and I cannot be grateful enough that there is so much to see and appreciate around us. Travel, to us, is as easy as breathing irrespective of any setback that we have faced over the years of our travels. We look forward to these times of togetherness with joy and I am gripped with motherly mixed emotions when thinking about the time Drisana would no longer want to join us or wish to travel solo or with friends. However, I hope we have given birth in her a desire to travel and explore the world, to venture and unlock known and unknown doors, to seek the treasures beyond.  

As for me, it has been a wonderful journey; a happy beginning and an ongoing affair that shall hopefully, continue on!